Streaming is the term used to define the digital distribution of multimedia content, in such a way that the user plays the product while it is being downloaded.

With consolidated social networks, live video is the best option to strengthen your events, it is the evolution in communications, which together with technology, allow well-produced live coverage today to achieve two fundamental objectives; capture public and therefore new customers and promote your company to the highest level and therefore your brand image, achieving a great impact.

Through streaming, we can reach other geographical points or circumstances, people inside or outside the countries, with difficulty to move for some physical, health, work or economic reason, and also to an unusual audience that we would never have reached .

Thanks to Streaming and social networks, the live video service is increasingly naturalized in the user. Consequently, the possibility of growing together with this new technology is infinite, even more so that the costs of services are adjusted, so IT IS TIME to grow, make yourself known throughout the world and broadcast your event via live streaming.

Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones is a service company and producer of television content, with more than twenty-five years of experience, which puts at your disposal, all our professional capacity, at the service of new digital technologies.

Our team is made up of producers, cameramen, developers, communicators, designers and television directors who have incorporated the digital concept as one of today’s main communication channels.

Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones we are a reference in audio visual services, streaming and event organizers, we are television and as a reference, we are part of the Sol Mar y Luna Catwalk in the Mediterranean, included in the Jesal Extetic National Congress, which takes place year after year , at the Alicante Trade Fair Institution (IFA)

Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones we are the evolution of television, towards the live event, promoting live streaming.

Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones, we make the videos, encode them and upload them to the internet so that your company speaks for you.

The concept of “streaming video and rebroadcasting live events” on the internet means that content is available while still being downloaded in its entirety. This concept is applicable to audio, video or even a flash application.