Press Office

The dizzying pace of information makes messages have less and less weight and less durability. We are facing a society where the speed of information consumption through various social networks forces us to produce new content faster and with greater impact.

The Press Office of the Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones was born to meet the growing needs of the company and therefore to inform the media about the activities it develops and the group’s own clients, thus creating a favorable attitude towards the Company, and its mission is the informative management of the Mixarte Group, both internally and externally. In addition, it supervises and disseminates the corporate image and identity.

The Press Office intends not only to inform society of the activity carried out by the Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones, but also works to become a common space of general information for all the groups that make up the Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones.

A Press Office that creates news. All companies have something to tell. To communicate it, a press office capable of creating news is necessary. In the Press Office of the Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones, we prepare real information with the ultimate goal of positioning your brand and images in the main media, both national and international. Knowing the company in depth (history, products, services, activities, implementation, figures, human team, technology, location, etc.) we carry out our work as a press office.