The legal department of a company has a very important role in decision-making, there must be a balance between what internal legal advice does and the services provided by a law firm.

As international legal director of the Mixarte Producciones Agency, the Legal Department has an increasingly prominent role within companies, and the current situation forces it to establish itself as a guarantee of quality for the company and creator of value. Therefore, optimal management is essential and responds to the peculiarities of companies and the needs of their internal customers. On the other hand, the current economic situation has made it necessary to optimize all the company’s departments, including the Legal Department.

All this makes it necessary to understand the business implications: alignment with business objectives and Corporate Social Responsibility, since it is the only way to effectively manage the activity of the Legal Department.

Pedro Beltrán Gamir

International Legal Director Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones

President of the European Bar Association (AEA)

International Lawyers Network