Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones in its branch of audiovisual production company, was born with the firm intention of making the impossible possible, transforming your ideas into real stories with a lot of creativity and impregnated with desires, where talking about your dreams becomes the essence of your videos, with the creativity and passion that characterizes us, signs of our identity.

For all these reasons, we are sure that this year will be full of great stories with a lot of meaning, and we want to tell and expose yours, without underestimating the power of passion.

At the Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones we are competitive and creative. We are original. We are committed. We are innovators. We are productive. We are passionate. You create the story and we turn it into video.

Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones is an audiovisual production company specialized in video for companies, corporate, spots, interactive video and streaming broadcast. Many years of experience have allowed us to specialize in corporate, institutional and advertising video. We have state-of-the-art recording and post-production equipment, also available as services to third parties.

In a world where image and permanent connectivity predominate, it is necessary to change the way of addressing the public and advertising. To do this, at the Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones we carry out creative and innovative audiovisual productions, which help companies to create brand value and differentiate themselves from the competition. In addition, we are specialists in the making and production of documentaries and television programs, broadcast on public and private channels.

According to data from the consulting firm Cisco, in 2020 75 percent of data traffic was video. At the Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones we have spent decades betting on that future, which has always been our present. We do it by integrating innovation and learning with everything that happens in the communication environment.

Our trajectory endorses the mastery of audiovisual language. But even more important is the ability to integrate this technique into the strategies that make the messages effective. That is why we create and believe in tools to reach the public through all channels and through all image resources.

We make content, we identify platforms, we guide messages and we propose stories that give off emotion. All this through a dialogue with our customers and users, which helps us understand their needs and create tailored communication.

At the Agencia Mezclaarte Producciones we materialize your ideas in the form of images. We create advertising spots, we cover events, video clips, we make a film of your wedding, videos for companies. We generate all the content for you and the RRSS of your clients!

We know the importance of social networks, such as Instagram and YouTube. All companies, to make the leap, need creative and quality audiovisual content. We produce it by and for you! So that you are always up to date.

Promotional videos, events, weddings, real estate, video clips, branding and online advertising campaigns; We adapt to your needs and produce audiovisual pieces of any format.